1963, Qingdao, China      

2015    become member of IAC (UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics)

2010    Central Academy of Fine Art                 Beijing

2004    European Ceramic Work Centre             Den Bosch The Netherlands

1988    Qingdao Navigation Collage.                Qingdao


Exhibitions  (selection)


Solo Exhibition

2017   "God Bless"  Wan Liya's porcelain solo exhibition in Landhuis Bloemhof Curacao

2017   "The Dust" Wan Liya's solo exhibition on ART LIMA PERU

2016   THE INTERNATIONAL KILN Wan Liya’s solo exhibition on ART LIMA PERU

by Galeria-IMPAKTO

2014   LAND OF DREAMS Wan Liya’s ceramic exhibition  PLEVNIK-KRONKOWSKA

       Gallery  Slovenia

2012   Wan Liya’s Painting ,Art Miami USA

2012   “ZHUJI” Wan Liya’s Ceramic Insterlation ,Qingdao Art Museum

2011   “Made In Holland” ,Royal Delft Museum Holland

2009   Wan liya’s Painting Solo Exhibition,Dennos Museum Center Michigan USA

2008   Wan liya’s Painting Solo Exhibition ,TS1 Gallery Beijing


Group Exhibition

2016   HENAN International Ceramic Biennale   HENAN MUSEUM CHINA

2016   Earth,Fire and Life:Six Thousand Years of Chinese Ceramics” Maxwell Museum of Anthropology US

2015   HEALING IN NATURE Korea Ceramic Foundation (Icheon World Ceramic Center) and The National Folk Museum of Korea. Korea Ceramic Foundation (Icheon World Ceramic Center) and the National Folk Museum of Korea

2015   REVISIONES  Galeria-IMPAKTO Lima Peru

2014-2015  AHEAD OF THE CURVE:new china from China

           The Wilson,Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum

           Bristol Museum &Art Gallery

           The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery,Stoke-on Trent


2014   China Ceramic Art Exhibition                   China national Grand Theater

2012   ART-CLASSICS China National Academy of Painting Exhibition 

                                                 Shangshang Art Museum Beijing

2012   China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition   SHJITAN ART MUSEUM Beijing

2012   The Eighth China Contemporary Ceramic Artists’

                                                  Biennale,Hangzhou Art Museum

2011   Gyeonggi International Ceramix Biennale 2011 International Competition.

                                                              Silver Prize ,Korea

2011   “The Hague Under The Heaven” Chinese contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

                                                             The Hague Holland

2010   The Seventh China Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale  Zhejiang Art Museum

2009   Chinese and Japanese Contemperary Ceramic Exhibition Dennos Museum

        Center Michigan USA




2011  Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2011.International Competition

Silver Prize



2015   Bird’s Twitter and Fragrance of Flowers,  by Bristol Museum &Art Gallery

2014  “Thousands Kilometers Landscape”,”TIAN AN MEN” porcelain works  by China     

       National Academy of painting

2013  2006 No,31 porcelain by Shandong Museum

2012  “Vermeer’s lost painting”porcelain by Vermeer Museum Holland

2011  “Thousands of Kilometers Landscape” porcelain by Korea Ceramic Foundation

2011  “A National Treasure” porcelain sculpture by Delft City Council Holland

2009  ceramic sculpture Manimal collected by Dennos Museum Center Michigan USA.

2009 oil painting collected by Dennos Museum Center Michigan USA.

2012  "thousands Kilometers Landscape" bule & white porcelain collected by Dennos Museum Center Michigan USA.

2006  ceramic sculpture “hero”.Zhejiang Art Museum.


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